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What is SEO?

SEO is the skill which everyone should have and it is high in demand and will be for a long time. At least for the time while internet exist. SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. It means Optimize you website and content in a way so that it can rank on higher position on your desired keyword. Let learn this with example: A furniture store owner from Amritsar named Roman furniture wants to come online so that he can reach more customers and he created a website where his customers can visit to know more about their products and store or may be they can buy from it.

 There is no doubt that people today first search online when they want something. In this case there are many people in the city who is searching for furniture in Amritsar. Now the problem Roman furniture is facing an issue that there are many more store owners are there who is doing the same thing. So his website is not appearing on the first page of google. Now the question is how many times a person goes to the second page of google? the answer is on an average 0.02% people only. So how he can show his website on the first page. There are two options:

Google Advertisement

This is the best thing you can do when you start because your site will not show on the first few day or weeks. With google ads your site can show on the fist page of google. It cost you money whenever someone visit your site via Google ads. But if done correctly you can save a lot of money with it. you should run ads until you conquer your position in the search result.

Search Engine Optimization

When your website ranks on the search engine. You don’t need to spend any money in running ads in majority cases. It can save you alot of money and will bring customer to your site without doing anything which is really great. Now your website will earn you money while your sleeping because the Internet and Google will never sleep. 

Why Dforce is best SEO Training Institute in Amritsar?

At Dforce we teach Live SEO, 100% Practically in small groups as a team. First you will create a new website and then you will do its complete On Page & Off Page SEO from scratch.

Our Course is specially designed as per your Needs. It is different for Under-Graduates, Working Professionals, Freelancers, Housewives, and Entrepreneurs as per their goals. Our goal is to make you industry ready and to make capable to make money with Digital Marketing skills.

Dforce Provides the best SEO training in Amritsar


Morning, Afternoon & Evening Batches

Choose your Niche, Live Practical & Implementation


Competitor Analysis & Keywords

Advance Keyword research

Link Building

Learn to make quality backlinks

Mobile SEO

Learn to Optimise for Mobile searches

Local SEO & Webmaster

Learn to use Websmaster & Local SEO

off page seo

On Page & Off Page SEO

Learn Google Search,Display & Retargeting Ads

white hat and black hat seo

Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Learn Black & White Hat SEO Techniques


Let's Have a Look On Our Syllabus in Detail

Introduction to Advance seo course

A detail lecture on our Advance SEO Course. A complete eye opening detailed analysis of the concept of SEO with latest updated advance tactics which no one tells you. In this lecture we discuss how important the SEO for every business. How you can use it and advantages and disadvantages Good and Bad SEO. All your doubts about SEO will be clear here in this lecture.  It is also known as SEO in it’s short form. The process to optimize your site according to the search engine standards  so that it can rank on higher positions on Google, yahoo, bing etc . is called SEO. It is very important because without SEO it is expensive and tough to get people on your site. There are two types of SEO ,On page and Off page. On page means the SEO you do while creating your site and Off page means the SEO you do after creating your site. Dforce academy provides the best SEO training in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Batala and whole punjab. In SEO we cover various topics

Search engine and how it works

More than 85% of people visit websites via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn and many more like that. But they all work as same but google is the market leader in this field. It is Possible that you did not hear anything about yahoo or other Search engines but it is not possible that you don’t know anything about Google. In this part of the SEO Course by Dforce we will try to analyze search engines in deatail. Also try to understand their goals and objectives.

Keyword research and seo tools

Before doing anything you should know exactly what to do. In this part of Dforce Advance SEO course, you will learn using SEO tools like Google trends, Keyword planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush and our personal recommendation Ahrefs. Ahrefs is very expensive tool and that’s why, no one teach it to anyone. But at Dforce academy you will this like never before in a way that you can get most out of it.

Content writing

Before doing any of the practices in off page SEO you have learn how to write the articles and blogs that ranks. Because no matter how good your off page and on page SEO. You will not rank until you write great content which google wants to show to person who is using it. Google and other search engines want the best things in the top positions of their results. So you got to be the best. In this part you will learn how to write great content which also drive a ton of traffic.

Objectives and types of seo

From this point you are just one step away from practically doing SEO on any site you want. In this part of the Advance SEO Course in Amritsar. We will discuss different types of SEO like on page and off page. Good and bad SEO practices. What is black grey and white hat SEO. The foundation of the real SEO lies in this part of the SEO Course. You will also learn how to make the best SEO strategy according to your needs.

Site optimization & On Page SEO

In this part of the syllabus you will focus on the things which you should do and do not while creating your site. Or working and fixing the issue which cause the bad SEO. We assure you that that no one can teach you SEO in amritsar better that us because all of our SEO tatics and techniques are tested and proven on our own website. you can clearly see the results. Our website is ranking for almost every digital education term which a person can possibly search in Amritsar. you will learn how to make a site faster than ever so that you will not miss any customer of yours Without any doubts we are also the best SEO company in Amritsar as well.

off page seo

This is the last and probably the longest and most important part of the SEO. You will learn how to build back links here. Back links consider as the top ranking factor for a website. Which means you need to build a lot of back links in a good so that your website ranks high. But it is not as simple as it’s look. There are many types back links some are good and some are bad. It is very important to build right type of back links and avoid wrong type of links to build. In this part you will learn which type back links you should make and how to make it by less effort and with quality. You will learn to make Do follow back link in the fastest way possible.

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