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Be Professional Google Certified Digital Marketer in just 3 Months & or grab 1 year PG Diploma approved by University.

PG Diploma by University

We are the First & Only Institute in India to Introduce Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing approved by Top University with 100% Job Guarantee.

Classroom & Online Live

We provide both Classroom Training & Online Live Interaction Training, Student can choose as per their comfort.

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We have 0 Cost EMI Scheme available for this Month, You can choose to pay your Fee in 6 easy Installments without any Interest.

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Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar

Digital marketing is one of the highest paid career option in the world. Currently it is one of most demanded skill as well. Dforce academy is the Punjab’s first and only award winning digital marketing institute in Punjab. Providing the most value for money course in the Punjab.

Dforce academy started teaching digital with a mission in mind to create India skillful. Our mission is to make India skillful enough so that unemployment can be defeated. Now Dforce academy is ready to expand it’s reach and after settling a benchmark in Amritsar we are heading towards in Jalandhar city.

Why learn Digital with Dforce Academy?

  • Practical training on live projects
  • Learn to make money online
  • free business classes for everyone
  • 100 % placement support for 1 year
  • Interview training at the end of the course
  • International certifications
  • learn how to start your own business online
  • World’s first customer practical course
  • Create and run your Live campaigns

Best Digital Marketing institute in jalandhar, Amritsar, Punjab

Dforce academy is the Punjab No.1 digital marketing institute. Awarded as best digital marketing institute in Punjab in the category of Indian education awards 2020. 

Web Designing in Amritsar

30+ modules in a single course

Single Course Multiple jobs

Digital marketing is the combination of 30 + modules mentioned below. Each module have potential to become your career option.

Analytics, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Social media management, Search engine optimization, Website designing without coding, Graphic designing, Video editing, Content marketing, Social Media marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube SEO, YouTube Marketing, Email marketing, lead generation, Blogging, Earn money online, Retargeting and remarketing Strategies.

                Advance Digital Marketing Course is a 3 Month course and we also provide weekend classes for those who have some time management problems. We get it all covered. 


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Best digital marketing, web designing, SEO course, in Punjab

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Let’s have a look on our subjects in detail

Structure/Table of Content

Understanding Digital marketing in detail

A detailed lecture on how marketing evolves generation by generation. A complete eye opening detailed analysis of the concept of marketing and how it is evolving. In this lecture we discuss how imporatant the marketing is for every business. How you can use it and advantages and disadvantages of the old ways of marketing (Traditional vs Digital Marketing),

Learn making website without cosing

It is a very big myth in India and Punjab as well that you need to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .net and many more confusing stuff like that to make a website. Website is must for every business in this world. But a very few people is teaching the people to make website in the modern way. The truth is everyone who know how to use internet can make any type of website. Website designing is in itself a very great career option as well. We teach Advance website designing with all functions without any coding, Our students are capable to make any kind of website after completing this course. Dforce Academy is also known for the best website designing course in Amritsar,Punjab.

Search engine optimization

 Widely known as SEO is the process to optimize your site according to the search engine standards  so that it can rank on higher positions on Google, yahoo, bing etc . It is very important because without SEO it is expensive and tough to get traffic on your site. There are two types of SEO ,On page and Off page. On page means the SEO you do while creating your site and Off page means the SEO you do after creating your site. Dforce academy provides the best SEO training in Jalandhar , Amritsar and whole punjab. In SEO we cover various topics

Learn using SEO tools

What is Seo?

  • What is Search Engine?
  • How a search engine works?
  • Objective of Seo
  • Types of SEO
  • What is On page SEO?
  • Domain optimization
  • Domain Authority
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Latent Semantic Indexing or LNT Words
  • txt
  • xml
  • Website Loading
  • Schema to make your website look different in various searches
  • Proper Use of Internal and External Links
  • Types of Linking
  • Creation of an Anchor Tag?
  • How Inbound Linking is Different From Outbound Linking
  • Ways of Linking
  • Techniques of Seo
  • Process of Backlinks
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest Posting
  • PDF Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Reference Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Effective ways of Backlinks
  • Types of Link Juices
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz tool
  • Tips to get top authority content  back links

Search engine Marketing

SEO is great and compulsory for the websites but it is a long term process which means you will start to get results but it can take some weeks or months. Search engine marketing is very helpful to rank on Search Engines instantly on any keyword. It is one of the most used way of marketing in the world. Everyone uses Google and its services nowadays Like Google search, YouTube search, Google Play store and many more. Any business can run ads on all these platform by using Google Ad words. You will get Practical SEM training in this module. Suppose you have a cycle store and some one wants a cycle the fist thing that he can do is to search for the cycles in your city and suddenly an ad appear on that search result of your cycle store which includes an offer and address and phone umber of your store. Customer can directly contact you purchase a cycle from you. Google has 100 billion searches every month. So there is no limit of how much customers you can get through this. Same thing can happen with YouTube and other platforms as well. In this modules you will learn all type of search, diplay & video ads.

  • What is Google Ad words
  • Understanding Ad Campaign?
  • All about Ad groups?
  • How many types of ads are there on the internet?
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match Types
  • Phrase Match Types
  • Exact Match Types
  • Broad Modified Match Types
  • Ad Extension
  • Bid Adjustment
  • Steps to overcome Fraud click on your ad
  • Bid Strategy to get higher returns on ad
  • Advanced target location options

Social media Management

Everyone spends most of their time on social media. Facebook has more than 2.3 billion users, Instagram over 1 billion and whatsapp has more than 1.5 billion users. There are many more social media and internet platforms like Tik Tok, Linkedin and twitter etc. Dforce digital academy will teach you the best way to grow any business and your influence using social media. After completing this Module you will know how to reach more peoples from Social Media, How to appear in search results on Social Media platforms and how to get your social media pages appear on Search Engines.

  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media Uses
  • How to grow on Instagram
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Benefits of social media
  • How to target right audience?
  • Social media tools
Social media management Amritrsar

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a paid but more productive process to reach more number of peoples. It involves investing money in social media ADS,  trying and learning different strategies to earn through social media and also learning how to grow any kind of businesses. Dforce Academy also provide the best Social Media Marketing course in Jalandhar, Amritsar and Punjab. Because Dforce academy had a history as a digital marketing agency. Over those years the academy learnt a lot by running thousands of campaigns and that experience & top secrets will be shared with the students for sure.

    • What is Social Media Marketing?
    • Types of ads we can run on facebook?
    • How to use Facebook for lead generation?
    • Can we use Facebook for branding?
    • Tips to Target right audience?
    • Advertise on Instagram with less amount
    • Tricks to grow your Instagram fast
    • Tips on Increasing engagement of followers
    • Secrets to get a lot of Facebook Likes.

How to edit videos

Ever wondered how people create awesome videos for YouTube and other platforms.  The Video editing is a very simple process. Dforce academy will teach you video editing in the most simplest way possible. You can edit a video by using an average specs computer or laptop for free. Create any type of video content by just using your Smartphone. How to create a video in the most effective and simplest way possible. Tricks to make a viral video.

  • How to record audio and video with any type of camera.
  • Basics of video and audio recording.
  • Installing Video editing Software
  • How to use video editing software
  • How to edit video like professionals 
  • Get paid addons/effects for free

YouTube and video marketing

Everyone has YouTube in their Smartphone and it is the second most visited website and app in the world after Google. It creates it a very big platform. YouTube is completely free but there are some restrictions to use it. Without knowing how to use it properly you maybe not grow or your channel can be terminated as well. Video is the future and it is going to be the most consumed content available on the internet. Which is why all the platform you know are shifting towards video these days. Few years back facebook was only showing you ads and updates about the people and pages you follow now facebook is promoting videos on your feed after every 3 or 4 posts. Zomato and flip kart has its own web series and shows on their platform. A popular video player app is now investing in making video content. Many more examples are their but YouTube is the king of the video platform accepted and trusted by all over the world. It also gives you a great opportunity to show your talent for free. For businesses it is also very powerful tool to promote themselves that is why you see an ad on the youtube videos. Dforce Academy will teach you:

      • How to create a YouTube channel and customize it in a professional and most effective way.
      • How to optimize your video according to YouTube Term and Condition
      • How to manage and upload your video by using hidden tools in YouTube.
      • Which type of video you should make
      • How to make a viral content on YouTube
      • Potential and uses of video for marketing
      • How to make YouTube a career and make money from it
      • How to promote videos on Google Ad words and other platforms?
      • What is CPV and CPM?
      • Video Marketing  concepts to get at Top Position
      • True View Ads vs Stream Ads

How To generation leads

Get in contact with your potential customer can be the best thing happened to a business. It means get contact details of your potential Customers. In  Dforce Academy’s Digital marketing course you will learn how to do it by using various online platforms like Email, Social media, Google Ads, Blogs, Social media marketing, and so on.

  • Tricks to generate Leads from Google Optimization?
  • Generation of Leads for business with Facebook?
  • Generation of Leads for business with Twitter?
  • Generation of Leads for business with Google Ad words?
  • Understanding the Funnel
  • What is Sales Metrics?

Track Website Visitor Google Analytics

You will learn how to analyze your website visitors and it’s performance with the help of the Google analytics tool. With this tool you can track that which page of your website is most visited. Also you will be able to know how many visitors visit on your site with the other demographics like their city, country, gender and sometime their internet connection. Let’s see how it can help you to grow your website. It is really important for your website because if you do not implement it on your site, You will not be able to know how many or which type of people visited on your site. It is like opening a store but you are not able to watch & count your customers with your eyes. In this module you will learn:

  • How to setup analytics on your site.
  • How to track the data of the visitors of your site.
  • How to act according to your data
  • Track real time users
  • How to properly use it for your benefits
  • How to track demographics like your visitors OS, Device, Gender, city and country etc.
  • How to compare the performance of your site

Google webmaster tools

: It is also known as search console. It is pretty much similar like Google adword but with a huge difference of uses. In google ads you see the data and results of the ads you run on google, it means you track your inorganic growth. But with the help of the search console you will be able to track your organic growth as well. You will know from which keyword you are getting traffic from. You will be able to track the source of your traffic for your website. It is really powerful tool to manually indexing your website On google which is really important for your visibility in google.

  • What is Google webmaster / Search console
  • How to use it
  • How to list your site in google
  • How to upload sitemap using it
  • How to analyze organic search
  • How to control visibility in google search

Choose a single topic to learn

Currently dforce academy is offering single subject course to our students on special demands

Website designing

Duration 14 days

Video editing and YouTube marketing

Duration 14 days

Facebook ads

Duration 14 days

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Best digital marketing, web designing, SEO course, in Punjab

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