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Punjab is one of the most popular state in India. Punjab means five and aab means water thus Punjab means the land of five rivers. It has a really big role in the freedom of India and has it’s own history. It is also a very popular tourist destination in India. Popularly known for the Golden temple in Amritsar. Also for its food, culture and the lovely people in it. Despite of all these things the reality of career  for the people in Punjab is very dark. On an average a fresher in Punjab got salary of 10,000 rupees.

This is the salary of a person who did a master degree of MBA or M.tech. Below this degree a fresher get between 5k to 7k per month. This is salary packages by the big BPO’s  and some private companies in Punjab. In worst cases people forced to work for 3000 per month. The Average spend on their degree and education in Punjab is more than 22k per months (not including their stationary, travel and other expenses). Believe or not but this is The reality of jobs in Punjab.

Let’s find out why such terrible salary packages in Punjab. We are going to examine every reason of it in detail. Step-by-step.

Lack of awareness

Most of the people in Punjab don’t know about how much salary they should have. From a long period of time companies in Punjab are hiring people on this low wages so they know on how much salary they will agree. The reality of jobs in Punjab is for the same type of job they can get more than 20 thousands on an average outside of Punjab in city like Chandigarh. Those who know about it will not agree to work on such low wages. People here don’t know about their value so they agree on such low salary.

Lack of skills

Suppose you have electronics repair shop you need a person to repair electronics. Four persons came to you for the job

  1. first person is a non graduate who knows how to repair electronics
  2. Second person is a graduate but don’t know how to repair electronics
  3. Third person is a graduate and knows how to repair electronics also
  4. Fourth person is a non graduated who don’t know how to repair electronics.

As electronics repair shop owner you need to choose 2 persons, which two you will choose? The most probably you will choose option 1 and 3. Having an educational background is good but you can clearly see the persons you choose for this job has one common thing in them which is the skill they have. If someone has a skill he doesn’t need any certificate and degree for income. It is as simple as that if you get the right you will the right value of it. No matter in which city you live if you have a demanded skill you can charge whatever amount you want in exchange of that from anyone.

Lack of guidance and poor education system

This is a common problem in all the youth of India. After high school It becomes really important for students to learn right skill at the right age. But even if they know about what they want to learn they still forced by their parents and society. Or even they joined course which is related to their interest, they don’t  get the proper education about it. Indian education system does not allow students to acquire practical knowledge which is the major reason of the large amount of unemployment rate in India.

Solution: The reality of jobs in Punjab is really miserable but the only solution to the unemployment is to learn a skill which can pay you. If everyone in Punjab will focus on the skill instead of the certificates and degree. Learn a skill which can secure your future. There are many skills you can start to learn online and practice on your own. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blogging, Social Media Management  and our recommendation Digital Marketing is the name of few.

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