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Digital Marketing Scope in Canada

One of my friends who was ambitious for settling abroad, discussing with me about his career choice. He was interested in Digital Marketing. He asked me about the scope of Digital Marketing in Canada.

 So If you are also looking for detailed and useful research on Digital Marketing Scope in Canada then keep reading.

As a Professional Digital Marketer, I had worked with thousands of clients. A very long part of my career spent as a freelancer on Some popular freelancing Sites.

Most of the clients I get Online were USA or Canada based. So There is no doubt that this skill is high demand in these countries.

Most of the people preferred Canada for immigration or higher studies.  Let’s have a deep look inside this and study all layer by layer.

Internet Users in North America

Need and Demand:

The total population of Canada is 3.71 Billion. The most interesting and exciting fact is that more than 96% of the population are connected to the internet.Most of the businesses in Canada are depend on Digital Marketing efforts.

 One of my friends told me that when he applied for a job as HR in any company the most common question he was asked is did you anything about Digital Marketing. 

Which clearly mention that they are very interested to hire Digital marketers.Hence Opportunities are there for you just needed to be grabbed.

Have a look at the Top Job sites to see how badly they need them:

  • Linkedin
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
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One of the Highest Paid Jobs:

Marketing their product and services was and will a priority of a business. That’s why a Marketing manager always Considered as one of the highest-paid professions in history.

Let’s talk about the pay scale. The average income is more than $50k per Year from the clients he/she got from Canada. The average income is $69k as Digital marketing manager in Canada on a full-time basis per year.

It increases chances to get your visa applied:

Canada is one of the best places for higher studies without any doubt. But the main goal of the majority of the people who go to Canada is to have a job and settle there. It may be because of the exposure and environment they get there.

 As I personally asked, the majority of them are there for Job opportunities they get there.

On the official website of Canada Government, I found out two Visa categories in which there are the higher chances that your visa can be accepted.

You can find almost every required information on these Given Links:

Skilled immigrants visa 

Startup Visa Program 

 But still, I recommend you to get a consultation from an expert.

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Career options for digital Marketer in Canada:

  • Digital marketing intern (Average salary $52k)
  • Digital marketing executive (Average salary $52k)
    SEO Executive (Average salary $52k)
  • Link Building specialist (Average salary $52k)
  • Social media specialist (Average salary $52k)
  • Google Ads specialist (Average salary $52k)
  • Email marketing specialist (Average salary $52k)
  • Web Analyst (Average salary $52k)
  • Online reputation executive (Average salary $52k)
  • Content marketing executive (Average salary $52k)

 And many more like these…

Skills Requirements

 Now you know how bright your future can be if you studied and master this Niche. Still, there are many more things that you should have. The technical skill gives you the ability to solve a problem.

 But on the same hand communication is way from which you can understand the problem. The more you understand the more efficiently solve the problem. 

That’s why in almost or I should say every industry in the world prefer the person who is Good in Communications and soft skills too.

Soft skills mean you must have:

  • Ability to communicate in most common business language that is English
  • Good management skills so that you manage almost everything on your own
  • Good presentation skills are important.
  • Good content creating or writing skills 
  • Creativity

Having these skills increased your chance to be hired by 7 times guaranteed. So you know important these skills are.

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